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Modular Millwork / Mailroom

Mailroom organization and storage as well as mobile, functional modular furniture

In today’s office environments, equipment and spaces are always evolving to increase and enhance productivity. Mail and Document Centers are perhaps the areas where changes are more readily found. Ever changing needs for enhancements to day-to-day processing efficiencies require mail sorting and document management systems that can readily adapt to your dynamic needs.

MultiSort™ offers FLEXIBLE BINS that accept flat sort trays or vertical dividers.

  • Bins change as fast as your needs do – simply slide out a tray and snap in vertical dividers to organize labels, envelopes and supplies.
  • Multiple sort platforms are available in thumb-cut or tray style to handle your mailflow
  • Variety of colors for fast and easy coding of floors, departments, job titles and names.


Tables are available to meet every requirement from Dump Stations to lockable secured storage of valuables.

All tables’ feature height adjustments depending on the type of work performed. The Modular Millwork solution gives users the ability to organize document activities throughout the entire company. Modular Millwork™ products are ideally suited for:

  • Copy/Fax Rooms
  • Networked Printer stations
  • Departmental Mail
  • Literature and Forms
  • Scanning Stations
  • Desktop Workflow
  • Shipping Stations


Why should you consider the MultiSort™ and Modular Millwork™ products solutions?

  • Modular Millwork™ achieves substantial savings over conventional millwork with Quality and Appearance.
  • Wide selection of finishes, sizes and interiors are available to fit any requirement or space.
  • MultiSort™ is portable easy to change and relocate.
  • MultiSort™ offers a wide variety of Modular Sort Systems and Modular Millwork™ solutions to meet the ever-changing needs faced with today’s document flow.
  • All products include a Lifetime Warranty.
  • All MultiSort™ products are available on GSA contract

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