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Automated Storage and Retrieval System

The Hanel LeanLift System and RotomatTM Systems have revolutionized inventory control and materials handling using automated storage and retrieval systems.

By combining computer software and storage programs with mechanical storage components, our AS/RS systems can take advantage of vertical space, can be combined with a conveyor to deliver items from a separate room, or perform localized storage and retrieval needs.


Automated Storage and Retrieval System

The Hanel LeanLift System (shown below) and Rotomat TM system (left) have revolutionized inventory  control and materials handling using vertical lift technology. Storage capacities can be increased by up to 100% improving productivity dramatically using height optimization.

Automatic Storage and Retrieval in warehouse settings (left) or commercial settings (right)

Vertical Storage System interior by Schaefer

Automated pallet racking and retrieval

Hanel Rotomat for filing solutions

Summitt large-scale tire storage

Climate Control Storage Lean Lift

Hanel Rotomat in an office setting

Spool storage options, carousel & bay

Lean Lift Storage

Hanel Rotomat Automated Storage & Retrieval

Carpet vertical roll storage

Advantages of Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems:

Allows for high-density storage capacity requiring minimal floorspace


Goods are brought to the operating personnel and not vice versa


The AS / RS system exists in a sturdy, self-supported steel plate housing


Stainless steel worktable makes the storage and retrieval process easier and faster


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