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Stackable Shelving System  Stackable Shelving on Lateral Track System

Shelving: All Types

Did you know that "shelving" comes in lots of different types, styles, sizes, and materials; and, it usually has a design, which fits a particular application. There is a "shelving type" for almost any thing you wish to store. Storage Concepts knows them all very well, and we consult with our clients daily about the proper shelving considerations for the application need. There is "no fee" for our services. Call us, we'll be happy to help you plan for the right result.

Pictured above: Stackable Shelving System (left) converted to lateral track system (right), triple your storage space.

Click here for some shelving types we can help you with; along with applications for which they are designed:

Mobile Shelving - Montel  Shelving - Media pull-out drawers
Pictured above: Mobile Shelving and Media Pull-out Drawers

Shelving - by Aetnastak  Shelving System - L & T
Pictured above: Shelving by Aetnastak, and L & T shelving system

  • Cantilever Shelving: Libraries for Book Stack Storage
  • Four Post/No Bolt: The "workhorse." Four post/no bolts are for just about anything you wish to put on a shelf.
    Filing applications used with Removable Dividers and Slotted Shelves, Archive Box Storage, Artifact Storage, Supplies, Samples, etc.
  • Case Style/Double Wall Shelving: The dressy, version of Four Post Shelving. Made the same way; however, the side walls are double wall construction to provide a "cabinetry" look. Great for small, special libraries and other "front room" areas.
  • Industrial Clip Type: Same as above; except the "older" brother. Less popular because of difficulty in installation and changing shelf spacing.
  • Wide Span Shelving: Big Brother to Industrial type. The shelf widths are wider and deeper. The shelves are often plywood supported by beams and cross braces. Sometimes they are multiple steel elements, supported the same way. Great for storing very large, medium weight items. Very economical. Usually, materials used with this shelving are "hand loaded."
  • Pallet Rack Shelving: The really big boys. Racks up to 40’ in height. Designed to handle very heavy loads on pallets. Certainly designed for "machine loading" and lifting equipment.

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